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Joe Manetta Tim Jones Jeanette Brown-Reed (8-13-2019) Kristene Miller (8-19 & 8-27) Sue Swezeny *=(7-9 & 8-27) Renee Irwin (7-9-2019)

Part 1 of 3 dated 7-19-2019 in C203

In attendance: 

Renee Irwin

Tim Jones

Sue Swezeny 

Joe Manetta

Call to order at 3:46

Attendance motion to approve – Joe Manetta seconded – Tim Jones

Approval of Minutes – N/A

Correspondence – Summer Leadership application. Those who wish to attend – Joe Manetta, Kristene Miller (treasurer in place of Irwin), Jeanette Reed, Sue Swezeny.  Vince Perna is to apply for a scholarship on our behalf.

Treasurer’s Report – $7043.92,  $1500.00 outstanding

Report of the standing committee – N/A

Report of Special Committee – LAT letter of intent to take over any board vacancies was submitted by Izaiah Alexander.  Petitions are due at the end of July to be put on the ballot. Swezeny will reach out to the candidates at that point with a questionnaire to determine eligibility for endorsement.

We are still looking for people to chair a number of committees.  We need someone soon for By-Laws and Constitution. 

Grievances – So far, Joe Manetta and Cynthia Trapp are on this committee


WB – issue resolved

Summer Security – no calling of substitutes.  12-month employees will have first dibs on a coverage, after that the 10-month employees will be brought on for coverage by seniority. 

WB – waiting on the state to determine disability retirement. 

RI – Kelli Best is out as Head of Guidance.  Administration cannot change the requirements for a job after the job is filled. 

Advanced degree people were paid.  They were moved on the step guide buy not paid retro. 

JB – paid for coverage

Improper firing – Many teachers got jobs elsewhere

Aides are still in the works

Approximately 5 aides – we need to reach out to them to see who wishes to come back. Jean Hovey still has that information.

Pending Calendar request – request for Veteran’s Day off

Custodial Black seal license – board should pay the back pay for the time off.  Weeks without a paycheck would be enough to determine weeks without pay. According to EE, not all custodial came back right away. It was decided that whatever time they were out due to the board’s bad decision should be paid, regardless. 

Joe will write a resolution to resolve 4 issues

Joe will send an email to Tim Jones giving him authority over an issue with custodial. 

DM – there is no such position as Junior Tech.  If the member is paying union dues and is a member, then he is a full technician.  

Insurance update – Those who bought up to Direct 10 never received their 15% pay to the premium.  Mr. Wolf will be coming out with a ruling. Once we have Wolf’s ruling we’ll have a meeting with everyone to discuss. Vince and Jean have all the information on this. 


Executive meeting Part 2 of 3 – 8-13-2019


In attendance:

Kristene Miller

Tim Jones

Joe Manetta

Jeanette Brown-Reed

Absent – Sue Swezeny


All executive positions have been filled

VP professional – Jeanette Brown-Reed

Treasurer – Kristene Miller


No Correspondence

No Treasurer’s Report

No Standing Committee

No Special Committees



#1 resolved, 2 coming back 

5 did not return RParsons, VGerald, BMason, JRodriguez, MGillium


#2 paid and closed

#3 done and closed 8-13-2019

#4 People will be emailed about amounts to be paid then close it. 

#5 closed

#6 still in process


Other Matters

#1 Joe will contact Owens then it will be closed

#2 Joe wants the documents to prove it then he will close it. (white)

#3 closed agreement made

#4 Joe will get timesheets for Elisha

#5 Cannot close – complicated.  Joe will wait to talk to Vince

Jean Hovey is sending the final contract to Karen White

#6 in process of a settlement.  Will wait for Elisha


  1. New Business

#1 GM maintenance worker – guide issue, wants 2 steps

#2 security – summer all 12 months work – if sub needed 10 months are called in order of seniority – they claim this is not happening. 

#3 Jones and Brown-Reed will work on Security transfers (Linda Henderson)

  • Seniority list
  • Jones will meet with Adcock

#4 Russell Turell wants a larger stipend for grounds

#5 2 head custodians from High and Middle school want larger stipends to claim they do more than elementary schools. 

#6 wants to pay membership chair, will need an amendment to By-Laws to reflect, suggests $1000.00.

#7 EX meeting Tuesday at board meetings 3:30

AR meetings Monday after board meeting any school closing go to following Monday.  December will be the 9th. 

General Membership Meetings

  • One is PEA Election Day March
  • December 9th Monday


Last 3 bullets will be moved to the next meeting on August 27 at 3:34 pm


Executive Meeting Part 3 of 3  August 21, 2019, in C203

In Attendance:

Tim Jones

Joe Manetta

Kristene Miller

Sue Swezeny


Meeting with Terry Livorsi

Wishes to talk to members regarding Behavioral health.  Those who are self-medicating or doctor-prescribed medication.  Counseling is completely private. 

CDL will be testing for synthetic Opioids

Chapter 69 – if discipline is called for when a member has an issue.  All discipline ceases if in and following the program as set forth.

By resolving things through a doctor and medically, we may circumvent discipline.  

Anyone can refer

Swezeny will post information on the website. Swezeny Will be sent a widget for the website. 


Board of Education  Executive Meeting AR meeting General Membership meeting
High School Cafeteria5:00 pm start

Sign up by 4:55 to speak

SMSS room 121Start time 3:45 Middle SchoolRoom C203

Start time 4:00

Place TBDTime 4:00
9-3-2019 9-16-2019 9-23-2019  
9-17-2019 10-15-2019 10-21-2019  
10-15-2019 11-11-2019 11-18-2019  
11-12-2019 12-9-2019 12-16-2019 place TBD 12-16-2019
12-10-2019 1-13-2020 1-27-2020  
  2-10-2020 2-24-2020  
  3-9-2020 3-23-2020 3-23-2020 election
  4-6-2020 4-27-2020  
  5-11-2020 5-18-2020  


Swezeny – put AR handbook on Website

Check with Kevin Parker about the Go Daddy domain charges


AR Elections:

In building, by building.  The executive team will create a sign-in sheet prefilled with the names of the AR.  we will have a quick and accurate way to know who does and does not attend the meeting. 


Membership chair to receive a $500.00 stipend.  We need to convene the By-Laws and Constitution to amend the document to show Membership chair stipend. 


Back to school speech – talk with the new hires at their orientation.  Talk with general membership during convocation. 


Website – we have a bill from Go Daddy for the Domain name.  I was under the impression that NJEA had our domain. I will confirm.  Pvilleea.org is OK. Pleasantvilleea.org says It lacks permissions, Pleasantvilleea.njeasites.org says OK. 


Committee interests


Andrea Spence, Angela Brown, Tina


Gregory McKellar


Goals of Union:

  1. More member involvement
  2. Getting information out in a timely manner/ More transparency
  3. Unique emebers attend workshops and report to the members of the findings. 

*(a template will be made and placed of the webpage for reporting of the workshop)


New business – 

Establish norms of meetings

We need a volunteer to read board agenda and board policy at AR meeting


AR elections should take place by the 2nd week of September.  


Each standing committee should report at the AR meetings

Karen White will not allow the administration to sign the contract while there is still a complaint out against the insurance.